Looking Forward

I have a scattered list of goals that I hope to focus on over the next few weeks

  1. I am pushing myself to finish another animation, doing more creative things than just cycles helps me feel more loose and interested. hopefully I can make a habit of it and just mine larger projects for demo reel clips. 
  2. I am working on light, with landscapes and simplifying light and shapes in my work. Things are still flat but I hope to erase that soon. 
  3. Anatomy. I was doing direct from book studies from The Atlas of Human Anatomy and I feel like it was taking steps to erase some poor habits with simple contours on arms and legs. I need to work more here, particularly with volume. 
  4. 3D. Mudbox and 3D studio max need to be conquered. Its both fun and painful, But unavoidable. 

Generally, now that I am out of school I am producing just as much, if not more work, and I am enjoying the freedom of self-direction. I think after 4 years of producing for the approval of peers and teachers, I am more critical of my time, and my concepts, but its also nice to reduce some of the view points. Now have the ability to say "I want to punch through this concept and get critiques when I'm closer to finished." I am thankful that I still have reliable forums and friends for genuine critique, I know where to ask if I need some one to sit down and crit my work.  

Here are some recent works:
Halloween Jack Of Lanterns

Puppy for my Local SPCA website

Beginnings of a zulu warrior.

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