Semi useful Distractions, Google Art Project!

When I was at school, we had access to ArtStor. Unfortunately once you are off campus, you loose the means get to that huge library of art. But as you may have seen all over the internet, Google might fill the gap with The Google Art Project. It utilizes the same principals of art store, enabling you to zoom in down to the cracks in the paint. If you ever wanted to try doing a little digital master painting in your free time, This might be a good place to start.

I have a few other links. My homepage on tumblr is an ADHD bonanza of puppie gifs, pictures of food, people in various states of undress, random artists who doodle pokemon, and of course artistic inspiration. my favorite are Fuck Yeah Victorians and Fuck Yeah High Quality Pics. Tumblr is great for assaulting your eyes with visual information. Delicious overload. 

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